I am skipping Games 3 and 4 for now they are intuitive. They handle odd letter words, and then combine two different two letter words. Then I add the Half Time. The reason is we must create a new model for the Christian, Public, Home Schooling, and really all schools. One with less cost and online, but way more students! Combining home schooling with the incredible structure of these small schools and their incredible teachers.   You watch a teacher on the TV or Computer and it is like One On One!   I give this away, and hope anyone can notice the stellar work from a child I was and even now. No matter what everyone else seems to get wrong. These games are so important I cannot explain, but I so hope I give enough hints so you will know. I read to the Baptist Seminary when I was 5. That means nothing now, but it was huge then. Also the Catholic Church at St. Agnes by my house. It was just my games, and I explained them. Its been an epic since.  We are making it. We are making it BIG! We are making it so great because all life even the animals and plants are so important. Every human of every color! Everyone is beaten down and we are putting that scourge in its place. Try those videos and games. Try the Halftime Summary! :0 OHHHH! Its Christmas in July just in case! 🙂 I love this place and do everything like my life depends on it. It usually does. LOL.