Evergreen Petroleum, LLC and The Reading Sleuths 2021 in a STEAMy Adventure!  The Reading Sleuth Game 0 thru Grand Unification Actively Unifying.  Also, this is facility engineering, and Expert System Driven SMART Well Control systems for the oilfield.     Thanks.

SMART Tanks for Well Control and evaluation of production while cleaning the site.

Where The Reading Sleuth 2021 (Free Download at the bottom of the page!) Adventures in Earth Sciences, Computer Science, Engineering, Math, and the Arts meet up with one Adventure in Oil & Gas Production.   On the way we take a look at getting a better start at it all with Game 0 (Zero).  Ground Zero for simple efficient storage, retrieval and learning structure.

           We are adding the bells and whistles, the whole Reading Sleuths 2020 book became 2021!   Introduction Videos for the games through Halftime.  I have added a Download for The Reading Sleuth 2021 basically does anyone want to remember 2020?  “The L.A. Reading Technique” can be found at AuthorHouse for 8.95 or so. 
For 2021 and Louisiana’s stubborn low reading scores a Free Download: 

The Reading Sleuths 2021

Build the structure you need, and advance with Game 0.  Give your mind the bare primer it needs to build, rearrange, your storage efficiently!  You are reading the moment you make one sound from two letters, and start sleuthing.    All three ladies are working it now!  The Calico Team.  Give it a quick read in 20 minutes.   On 6X9, big font.   Shy on paragraphs, sort of old school no doubt.  The key is there is nothing like the fun of turning the page.