Evergreen Petroleum, LLC:  You may never understand, but dont blame yourself because it is from a lifetime of wrong information.  Try to get it straight from The Reading Sleuth Game 0 thru Grand Unification Actively Unifying.  Also, this is facility engineering, and Expert System Driven SMART Well Control system for the oilfield.  No matter what anyone else pretends it is the best system in the world for wells making junk that will wreck 3 phase separators with stuff like Biologics, Parafins, Cement, Sand, Rust, Metal, Scale, Brine Saltwater, and hopefully some oil and gas.  After a workover, re-entry, or drilling new wells, and especially idle lease wells brought into production like Orphaned Wells.  This is completely compliant for temporary evaluation and control.  It is exactly as the site was prepped and handled during drilling, workovers, the re-entry and for this phase.   The problem is simply the corruption of the criminal enterprising from competitors, criminals with no rights, and even the Louisiana State Department of Natural Resources which has pretty much wrecked the state by just being completely wrong nearly 100% of the time.  So we still try.  Pathetic but true.  Patent Pending.  Thanks.

SMART Tanks for Well Control and evaluation of production while cleaning the site.

Where The Reading Sleuth Adventures in Earth Sciences, Computer Science, Engineering, Math, and the Arts meet up with one Adventure in Oil & Gas Production.   On the way we take a look at getting a better start at it all with Game 0 (Zero).  Ground Zero for simple efficient storage, retrieval and learning.

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